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Nautilus Philosophy

Why should I work-out ?
Why Should I Nutilus train ? Membership Form

Welcome to Nautilus 24 hours fitness centre.

The Gym is open 24 hours 7 days a week, Ladies only and mixed sessions. An appointment can be made with our qualified instructor to plan individual exercise programs for weight loss, toning muscles, building muscles or for specific sport training.


The Health Club offers the following equipments:

Nautilus Cardiovascular machine, Treadmill, Stairmaster, Recumbent Bicycle
Nautilus Next Generation machine
Nautilus Free Weight
Sauna Room
Steam Room
Up to date video and music in the Gym and changing rooms.





The Nautilus Philosophy

The Nautilus Philosophy of fitness is that in strength training, it is the quality that counts, not the quantity - therefore you should spend les time in the Health Club and more time enjoying your free time. Twenty years ago Nautilus drastically changed the way men & woman worked out. They helped to usher in the fitness movement by making weight training easier, faster , safer, safer and more efficient. All of your moving parts on Nautilus machines (including the weight stocks) are shielded for safety and reduced maintenance. And the new friction-free technology, refined geometry and improved ergonomics make the machines easier to use and certainly more productive than ever before. Today Nautilus offers more machines to work out more parts of the human anatomy than any other weight training equipment manufactured and the Nautilus Health Club is delighted to be able to offer an excellent selection of Nautilus equipment to all our members.






Some good reasons for you to start your exercise schedule now:
  Regular exercisers are eight times less likely to die of heart disease than their unfit counterparts.
Regular weight bearing exercise can prevent the onset of osteoporosis.
Regular exercise will delay the onset of ageing.
Regular exercisers are 50% more likely to give up smoking, 200% more likely to lose weight and 250% more likely to eat low calorie food.
Regular exercise leads o increased mental as well as physical capacity.







12 Reasons every adult should Nautilus Train
  1. Avoid Muscle loss
  2. Increase Muscle Mass
  3. Increase Bone Mineral Density
  4. Increase Metabolic Rate
  5. Avoid Metabolic Rate Reduction
  6. Reduce Body Fat
  7. Improve Glucose Metabolism
  8. Increase Gastrointestinal Transmit Time
  9. Reduce Resting Blood Pressure
  10. Improve Blood Lipid Levels
  11. Reduce Low Back pain
  12. Reduce Arthritic Pain